Coffins & caskets

Southgate & Roberts is able to supply a range of coffins and caskets to suit every taste. To view our range of traditional and eco coffins and caskets, please see below.

Veneer coffins

The Chiltern

An Elm wood veneer simple coffin, suitable for both cremation and burial furnished with a white satin Interior and simple white gown.


Tudor Rose

A crafted high quality oak veneer coffin suitable for both cremation and burial with routed rose panels and trimmed with a single moulding and furnished with a white satin interior and matching gown.


The Named

A crafted Oak veneer coffin suitable for cremation or burial with a single moulded lid and with the option to personalise the sides, furnished with a white, blue or pink lining and matching quality gown.


The Brinkley

Built by local craftsmen using high quality Oak, Sapele and Elm veneers, the Brinkley is a fine example coffin with a single moulded lid and routed panels. Furnished with a white satin lining and quality gown.


Solid wood coffins

Windsor Walnut

Built by local craftsmen from quality solid timbers including Oak and Utile, this coffin is understated but classic in appearance with subtle detailing throughout. Plain, solid, quality… the Windsor is a classic choice. Furnished with a quality satin lining pillow and gown.


Cambridge Oak

Beautiful solid hardwood coffin built by local craftsmen. Made from solid Oak or with raised panels and triple moulded lid. It’s exquisite styling, detail and quality of workmanship which is unsurpassed. Fitted with solid metal handles and lined with luxury satin, quilted pillow and superior satin gown.


English Casket - Aston

This traditional English casket is handmade by craftsmen and is available in either solid Oak solid Utile. Featuring raised panels and corner posts, the Aston is a very handsome coffin and comes with a hinged lid as standard. Lined in luxury satin, quilted pillow and superior gown.


American Caskets

Made from 32oz. copper with a brushed finish and a champagne velvet interior, this casket is the height of luxury. Please note: this coffin is only suitable for burial, not for cremation.

£ P.O.A (other options available)

Eco Range


This plain cardboard coffin is shown fitted with hemp rope handles, this is the simplest and basic of all Eco friendly options.



Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, growing up to a metre a day. Our species of bamboo Phyllostachys Pubescens does not form any part of the Chinese panda’s diet. An alternative option for an eco coffin, made from natural bamboo with rounded ends, 100% natural fittings and lining, with bamboo headrest and name plate, the bamboo coffin is suitable for cremation and burial.


Rounded Willow

A beautifully crafted natural willow coffin, with softer to the eye rounded head and foot end, suitable for cremation or burial, lined with natural unbleached material and pillow.



Pandanus or wild pineapple is the environmentally friendly alternative to sea grass,this coffin is both soft to the eye and touch, made from woven pandanus and 100% natural materials, this coffin is a fitting tribute for those looking for a natural eco farewell.


EcoPod Natural Willow

A beautifully crafted coffin which is much softer to the eye in shape and design, with 100% natural fittings and lining, which is suitable for cremation or burial.



Natural Legacy is the beautiful and comforting alternative to a traditional coffin or casket. Gentle on the eye and soft to the touch, suitable for both burial and cremation, the non traditional coffin shape allows for an easier experience for those left behind and can be particularly comforting to sensitive or younger members of the family.


Bespoke Picture

A wonderful way to reflect the personality of your loved one, picture coffins are suitable for both cremation and burial constructed of MDF and finished in high gloss, a large selection of themes are available to choose or personalise with you own design or photos.


Banana Cord

Banana cord is made using the dried woven leaves after the tree has produced its fruit and died back each year.This coffin is again 100% natural and offers something slightly visually different for those wanting an Eco friendly funeral.


English Willow Green

Hand crafted and made from English Willow this coffin is again softer to the eye with both foot and head end being rounded, with contrasting green colour willow, suitable for cremation or burial with wooden name plate, with 100% natural fittings and lining.


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