We are very supportive of the fact that it is entirely your personal choice as to what you have or do not have at a funeral, irrespective of budget. Therefore we offer many different competitively priced funeral arrangement options (itemised below), from the very simple to the more traditional and entirely bespoke as well as a direct cremation option.

We would respectfully advise that in all cases when comparing costs with other local funeral directors, to ensure that any quotes given are inclusive of ALL the service elements you require.

Disbursement costs should be exactly the same with all funeral directors, as these are the fees made payable on your behalf to any necessary third parties, such as crematorium, cemetery, minister and doctors medical cremation fees.

Fully Bespoke and Personalised Funeral Service – From £2,670 + neccessary disbursements

This is the service that the majority of families choose in order to personalise the arrangements with complete freedom of choice and control over the style and content of the funeral. This price includes the provision of an oak veneered coffin with name plate, matching brass effect fittings and quality gown set. However, a wide range of superior bespoke coffins and caskets is available at respective additional cost, thus the term `From £2,670`.

We are aware of all other local service providers charges and are absolute in our conviction that we represent the very best value, when factoring in all the professional service elements and care you would want and expect for your loved one.

(Click below for a fully itemised PDF price list)

Fully Inclusive Simple Funeral - £2,075 plus disbursements

Local removal of deceased in office hours, administration, a simple wood grain effect coffin, hearse direct to a local place of committal and necessary staff. The day and time of funeral may be restricted and all charges and fees payable in advance. An additional £164.00 is payable when doctors cremation certificates are required

(Click below for a fully itemised PDF price list)

Direct Cremation Service - £1,965 including necessary disbursements

Local removal of deceased in office hours, administration, a basic coffin, transportation to a crematorium of our choice on a day and at a time of our choosing, all necessary staff, crematorium fees and the medical cremation certificate fees. An additional £164.00 is payable when doctors cremation certificates are required

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no funeral service or attendance of mourners.

(Click below for a fully itemised PDF price list)

Coffins & caskets

Southgate & Roberts is able to supply a range of coffins and caskets to suit every taste. To view our price list detailing the range of traditional and eco coffins and caskets we are able to provide please click below.

Ancillary services & items

Please click below to view a full price list for all of our ancillary services & items including:

  • Funeral vehicles & transportation
  • Traditional horse drawn hearses
  • Additional services
  • Embalming
  • Cremated remains urns, caskets and keepsakes
  • Removal of memorials (including storage)
  • Temporary grave markers and crosses

Conditions of payment

Disbursements should be paid to `Southgate & Roberts Funeral Directors` in advance of the funeral. Disbursements are the fees chargeable by all third parties and include cremation or burial costs, ministers, flowers, service sheets, doctors, newspapers, catering etc. An invoice for the remaining account is issued a week after the funeral. Should the balance of the account be outstanding after one month, 1.5% interest per month will accrue. A payment plan can be organised if necessary.

The total cost of a low-cost ‘Basic Funeral’ or ‘Direct Cremation’ package has to be paid in advance. If the funeral is to be paid for by the estate of the deceased, please present the death certificate along with an invoice from the funeral director before the funeral to ensure that sufficient funds are available. Disbursements still have to be paid in advance by the estate, next of kin or executor.

Help with paying

Should you qualify for financial support from the Social Fund (DWP), you will still have to pay certain fees in advance. Please be aware that the Social Fund will not cover the entire cost of a funeral, with a maximum payment of £700 paid towards the cost of our services. They will also cover the crematorium, doctors and ministers fees. All other costs must be met by you personally.

Get in touch

If you need help arranging a funeral or need some advice around future planning, please feel free to contact us. More than just a funeral service, we are here to answer all your questions without obligation or cost.


A personal approach

We truly do take a caring and personal approach with every family that we meet.

Respect for the person

We care for the person who has died as if their family or friends were standing beside us.


We provide only what you want or need, and never sell unnecessary, expensive packages.


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